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How CBD oil can help our four-legged friends.

Epic Relief’s cannabidiol (CBD) products are not only beneficial to product supporters but for our four-legged friends as well!

While there have been no formal scientific studies of CBD’s effects on animals, there is anecdotal evidence that suggests CBD has positive causative impacts.

Holistic veterinarian’s, such as Dr. Edward Bassingthwaighte, have used CBD to treat their furry patients for health issues such as mammary tumors, heart murmurs, and arthritis.


1. Epilepsy and related symptoms

A study conducted by Colorado State University has shown CBD oils might be beneficial in treating dogs who suffer from epilepsy. An additional grant of $350,000 has been rewarded to CSU so the researchers may continue studying the impacts of CBD.

Additionally, another study has found "CBD is anticonvulsant in many acute animal models," which might have a positive impact on animals that suffer from seizures related to epilepsy.

2. All natural painkiller

A 2012 study found CBD enhanced anandamide signaling in the brain, which can cause a reduction in pain symptoms. Additionally, a 2008 study found CBD to be a treatment of pain that shows great promise.

Other studies have shown CBD can also be used to treat neuropathic pain.

3. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties

As CBD affect receptors in the brain, it has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, which can impact conditions like arthritis, cancers with inflammatory components, and other inflammatory diseases.

4. Anti-nausea and appetite stimulation

In animal studies, the National Cancer Institute found that CBD has had a "stimulatory effect on appetite and increase[d] food intake."

Further, animal studies have shown that CBD has displayed a reduction in vomiting and nausea-like symptoms.

5. Anti-anxiety

Research has shown CBD has had a positive impact on reducing anxiety. Forms of anxiety pets may suffer from include those related to noise, separation, and travel.

One such study has shown CBD has reduced social anxiety disorder (SAD) symptoms.

6. Anti-cancer

CBD has been shown in various studies to have an anti-tumor effect. CBD has been shown to stop cancer cells from growing, kill tumor cells, increase cancer-fighting cells, and improve the efficacy of anti-tumor drugs.


To provide the positive benefits of CBD for our beloved pets, try our CBD-infused Liquid Coconut (MCT) Oil which contains 250 mg of CBD in each vial.

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